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Benoit Izard artiste plasticien



Artiste Plasticien

Miami - Paris

Artiste visuel multi-médium, performeur, architecte, propriétaire d'un hôtel de luxe, commerçant, conscient spirituel, amoureux.

Benoit Bizard crée des performances, des installations à grande échelle, des photographies, des collages sur photographie, des œuvres sur soie et des sculptures.

L'amour supérieur. L'installation LOVE transforme un espace en y inscrivant LOVE en grand. Le message universel et le design dynamique créent une expérience extatique. La réaction des gens est "J'adore ça !". LOVE a été activée dans des lieux tels que les hôtels et maisons de luxe 1, Art Miami et les plages de Bahia.

Trophée & fétiche. Benoit a développé les sculptures en bronze Veil Head en utilisant l'ancienne technique de la cire perdue d'une manière raffinée et inhabituelle en masquant le bronze sauf les lèvres pour magnifier la fascination et lui donner vie.

Couture. Les voiles de soie et les voiles de coton usagés, qui se déplacent dans l'air, sculptent la lumière et le temps d'une manière sexy et énigmatique. Œuvre exposée au 1000 Museum de Zaha Hadid à Miami.


Renaissance Life

Multi medium visual artist, performer, architect, luxury hospitality owner, trader, spiritual conscious, lover,

Benoit is an architect with the congratulations of the jury for his degree on dance and space design from the School of Architecture of Lyon in France. He studied dance and choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam and he’s bachelor in performing arts. He did a post graduate research at the Fine Art School of Lyon on curating life in the urban gallery.

Benoit worked as an architect, mainly designing historical high end apartments in Paris putting attention in meticulous renovation and the sense of breathing and light of the space to invite the body to new stories.

Benoit danced with Jérôme Bel for the creation and world tour of The Show Must Go On. He was actor of Gwenaël Morin and Yves Noel Genod and scenographer of Meg Stuart.

Very active in the slam poetry scene in Paris, he has done an album.

He organized with Centre Pompidou dance, spoken words & architecture promenades.

He taught art at the National Circus School in Paris (ENACR), the class rapidly turned into a creation lab : Tell me what your body is living. He’s teaching at the Paris Executive Business School about art as strategy of the offer in real estate to create a distinctive experience.

Bizard creates performances, large scale installations, photography, collages on photography, silk works and sculptures.

Festive Freedom. In the photography and site specific performance project Scotch, actors walk across cities around the world the body wrapped with packing tape. The uncanny image together with the gentle and strong presence create a new memory of joy and freeing yourself. Similarly, Kissers shows two persons wearing a double mask performing a 1 hour long kiss, placing the viewer to experience pure energy beyond any identity or body limits.

Higher love. The installation LOVE transforms a space by writing LOVE in big over it. The universal message and dynamic design create an ecstatic experience. People’s reaction is “I love it!”. LOVE was activated in places such as luxury 1 Hotel & Homes, Art Miami and beaches in Bahia.

Trophy & fetish. Benoit developed the Veil Head bronze sculptures using the ancient lost wax technic in a refined and unusual way by masking the bronze except the lips to magnify the fascination and bring it to life.

Couture. The Silk Veils and used cotton veils pieces, moving with the air, sculpt light and time in a sexy enigmatic way. Work displayed at 1000 Museum by Zaha hadid.

Benoit Izard is commissioned by cultural institutions worldwide, part of private collections, and invited for specific commands in art and real estate.

Benoit has been choosen by Art Miami, Centre Pompidou, Perez Art Museum Miami, (e)merge art fair Washington DC, Bernice Steinbaum gallery, Louvre Museum, 1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid, Artaq for FIAC in Paris, Mounsonturm Frankfurt, Panacea festival Stockholm, Ménagerie de Verre Paris, Wynwood Art Fair, Miami Theater Center, Tigertail – France Florida festival, Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) Miami, Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012, Miami performance festival, Fountain Art, Arts For a Better World, Como Clube in Sao Paulo, BACA art center South Florida or 1 Hotel & Homes as associate partner of Art Basel | Miami Beach. He produces as well site specific projects in Africa, Brazil, Europe and USA. He lives in Paris and Miami.