List of products by artist Dani Olivier

The photographer Dani Olivier was born in Paris in 1969 and graduated from the business shcool HEC. He lives and works in Paris.

Dani Olivier make portraits photographies mixing painting and photography. They glorify the beauty of women and aim to reveal them in their double dimension of body and soul.

The models and sets are naked. Makeup is minimalist. By complex lighting games coupled with gestures and movements, he makes special effects during shooting.

True to now, the image follows a principle of authenticity and integrity: neither alterations or changes.

The Body and Soul series is available in different concepts :

  • Programmes

  • Linéogrammes

  • Mouvogrammes

  • Créagrammes


  • Fotofever Art Fair Paris 1 (nov 2015)

  • Arles (Voies Off 2015)

  • Los Angeles (MOPLA 2015) 

  • Group show  Paris (2010 et 2012) expos privées Moscou (2012) mécénat du group Kin Kiev (2010 et 2012)


  • Nus corps et âme ; 2015. Editions passage des soupirs

  • Anthologie de la photo de nu de Dani Olivier ; 2012. Editions ESI

  • Nus abstraits et psychédéliques ; 2011. Editions ESI

  • Nus abstraits ; 2011. Editions passage des soupirs

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items