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Stéphane Compoint, 47, has been a photojournalist since 1981.

After having successively collaborated with the photographic press agencies Dppi, Sipa, and Sygma, he is now an independent photographer. He has collaborated with the greatest international magazines, notably :

Life, National Geographic Magazine, Time, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine (USA) , Geo, Stern, Bunte, Focus (Germany) , Sunday Times Magazine, Hello, Telegraph Magazine (United Kingdom) , Sette, Specchio, Focus, Panorama (Italy) , Olla, Geo, Muy Interesante (Spain) Newton (Japan) , Geo (South Korea) , Figaro Magazine, Paris Match, Géo, VSD, Sciences et Vie, Ca m'intéresse, Point de Vue, etc. (France)

He has also produced 13 photography books (3 of which collective works), 10 expositions, 3 international advertising campaigns, and has won 8 photography prizes (of which two World Press Photo for the Firemen of the Desert in Kuwait in 1992 and for the Alexandria Lighthouse in 1996).

For the last 10 years he has specialized in cultural, historic and scientific stories. He takes part in extreme expeditions and underwater missions.

He is also specialized in mid-aerial photography with an ultra light remote photo-balloon, making pictures at an altitude between 15 and 1500 feet, even at a very short to the feature (5 feet). Particulary efficient for urban, patrimony and buildings site features.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items