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Giles Daoust Photographer (1979) is an award-winning filmmaker, active in Brussels, Paris and Los Angeles. In 2003 he founded the film production company Title Media ( with Golden Globe Winner Alain Berliner (My Life in Pink).

The photographer has produced over 20 films and won several awards in film festivals, mainly in the “genre” field (thriller, supernatural…) As a writer, he has won several awards for his screenplays. Giles has had the opportunity to work with several prominent filmmakers, including Gavin Polone (producer of Panic Room), Mike Macari (producer of The Ring), Neil Marshall (director of Game of Thrones), Lionsgate (studio behind Saw and Hunger Games), Pierre David (producer of Videodrome), Pascal Duquenne (Cannes Best Actor winner for the Eight Day)…

Since 2006, he is also the director of the world-famous Ommegang historical show on Brussels Grand Place ( 

As a photographer, Giles’s approach is to bring together the worlds of nature photography and “genre” cinema. He delves into the small marvels of nature that we too often take for granted, and tries to bring forward strange moods and supernatural elements that the untrained eye can easily miss. (


  • 2016 : Galerie TEN à Knokke, Belgique

  • 2016 : Galerie Artphotoby, Paris 9

  • 2015 : Galerie Artphotoby Fotofever Carrousel du Louvre (France)

  • 2014 : Galerie Laurent (Petit Sablon, Brussels)

  • 2013 : Galerie d'Art du Centre Culturel de Spa (Spa, Belgium)

  • 2013 : Galerie Alfican (Brussels)

  • 2013 : Affordable Art Fair (Brussels)

  • 2013 : SO101 Gallerye (Paris)

  • 2012 : American Express Art Catalogue

  • 2012 : Boston University Brussels Art Nigh

  • 2012 : Brussels Accessible Art Fair

  • 2012 : Dolce La Hulpe Brussels: year-long permanent exhibition

  • 2012 : Neess Gallery (Place du Châtelain, Brussels)

  • 2012 : CO2 Brussels (Place du Châtelain, Brussels)

  • 2011 : Galerie Milenarts (Sombreffe, Belgium)

  • 2011 : UGC Cinemas (Brussels)

  • 2011 : Galerie des Minimes (Sablon, Brussels

  • 2011 : ARS-BXL (Avenue Louise, Brussel

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items