List of products by artist Patrick RIMOND

After studying engineering in Paris, Patrick Rimond moved to Japan where he spent nine inspiring years. In Osaka, he fully dedicated himself to photography, exhibiting in galleries and also working for magazines. His Japanese portraits and urban landscape are a straight and sensitive capture of reality. The subtlety of Japanese spirituality allowed him to find a backing to adjust his relationship to the world.

Since 1998, his photographs have been exhibited several times (Plaza Gallery Sengawa Tokyo, Graf museum-gallery Osaka, ISSISS Gallery Kyoto, Belgium Flanders Museum) and published as well (Water Planet Osaka, Aman Iman France, Intersection London).

Since he came back to Europe, besides his photographic series, Patrick Rimond experimented collaboration with other artists like dancers and musicians. He also performed and started to manipulate his photographic prints.


  • 2017 Festival Promenades Photographiques | Vendôme France

  • 2017 Galerie Frangulyan | Paris France

  • 2016 Plateforme | Paris France

  • 2010 Galerie KH15  | Berlin Allemagne

  • 2009 Galerie Plaza, Tokyo Art Museum | Tokyo Japon

  • 2008 Galerie O.N. | Poznan Pologne

  • 2006 La Générale  | Paris France

  • 2006 Galerie KH15  | Berlin Allemagne

  • 2005 Festival Transphotographiques, Espace Pasolini | Valenciennes France

  • 2003 Galerie Hitomi Bushi D’eau  | Paris France

  • 2002 Graf  Museum Gallery  | Osaka Japon

  • 1999 ISSISS Gallery  | Kyoto Japon

  • 1998 Belgium Flanders Museum Gallery  | Osaka Japon

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items