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After following international news and major sports events, covering the wars in Lebanon and Afghanistan, François Darmigny became a freelance photographer in the middle of 90, feeling the need to explore new photographic world more in line with his own conception of the image. He decided "not to undergo the action but to create it myself preferring fulfill my part."

His world: capture and immortalize the emotions, personalities, attitudes and characters by giving them a dimension and an artistic soul. His moto: putting people at the centrer of the image.

Since the realization of his first photographs at 12 years during a basketball game, François Darmigny did not spend a day without photographing. The images will never leave his mind and he "never forbid any picture". His field of view is also systematically registered in a focal length of 50 millimeters! For him, life is a vast studio and inexhaustible resource.

Even though the color is sometimes entering in his setting, it is primarily in black and white that François Darmigny likes to capt life and make moving people, for their charm, emotion or spontaneity but still trying to "let them as natural as possible and make them look the most natural thing to capture."

He is also one of the few photographers to use photographic chamber.


  • 2004 Eight by Ten, M Gallery, Paris.

  • 2009 Metamorphoses, Studio Eight by Ten, Paris.

  • 2011 Polart, Gallery The eye of Prince, Paris.


  • Eight by Ten : Black and White, Sepia photographies portraits of celebrities.

  • Metamorphoses : Color photographies portraits of Drag-Queen and Gothic people

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items