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The photographer Dingo discovered his photography passion with his father : First image… A white light behind which appears a camera held by my father. First cry… I’ve just realized that this snapshot would determine my fate. I’m 10 years old, I direct my cousins in the car scrap yard of my uncle. I write on scraps of paper, draw with a few lines a script, tinker with a few sheets, invent new framing, photography is now with me and for ever.

I’m now a teenager, I discover the magic of the automobile, not through power but through the filter of sensuality and freedom. I am fascinated by the independence it provides, transcended by this myth which, from the birth to the death, goes through our lives.

Interrelated, photo and automobile project me into the world of the press, and at the heart of the automobile creation among manufacturers. A few years later, thousands of cars, motorcycles and even bicycles crossed my viewfinder. With aesthetics, humor and tenderness, I gave them my emotions and energies. I have frozen their movement. My pictures are stories. Now, by the virtues of video, images move. Life, for ever life ...write the photographer.


  • 6 créations pérennes de magazines auto-moto

  • 45 marques automobiles comme clients récurrents

  • 200 lancements de produits auto moto

  • 350 couvertures de magazines automobiles

  • 500 thèmes astrologiques

  • 800 mannequins et comédiens "castés"

  • 6 000 000 de déclenchements d'obturateurs

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items