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  • Francis Apesteguy

    Photographer in 1972 in Sipa Press agency and Angeli
    agency, Francis Apesteguy began his career as a matadorthat surprises the most famous stars of the time .
    He started to the Gamma agency in 1977, to make
    photography of celebrities. These are 30 years of reporting worldwide that sharpen his dexterity.

  • Pascal Baril

    Pascal Baril is a French professional photographer who started his career in 1981.

    Having worked for leading photographic press agencies (Associated-Press, Interpress, Kipa-Press and Corbis-Sygma), Pascal launched, in 2003, his own agency “Planète Bleue Images”

  • Jacques Bénaroch

    Passionate about photography since his teens , photographer Jacques Benaroch started his career as a professional photographer in the middle 70s on the legendary concert of the Rolling Stones , David Bowie or Bob Marley.

  • Giles Daoust

    Photographer Giles Daoust's approach is to bring together the worlds of nature photography and “genre” cinema. He delves into the small marvels of nature that we too often take for granted, and tries to bring forward strange moods and supernatural elements that the untrained eye can easily miss. (

  • François Darmigny

    The photographer François Darmigny after following international news and major sports events, covered the wars in Lebanon and Afghanistan, became a freelance photographer in the middle of 90, feeling the need to explore new photographic world more in line with his own conception of the image. He decided "not to undergo the action but to create it myself preferring fulfill my part." he explains.

    • 2004 : Eight by Ten, Galerie M, Paris.
    • 2009 : Métamorphoses, studio Eight by Ten, Paris.
    • 2011 : Polart, Galerie L'oeil du Prince, Paris.
    BOOKS :
    • Eight by Ten : black and white and Sepia photographies portraits of celebrities.
    • Métamorphoses : Color photographies portraits of Drag- Queen and Gothic people.
  • Jean-Claude Deutsch

    Parisian based Photographer Jean-Claude Deutsch grew up with one obsession, becoming a photo Journalist for Paris Match Magazine.

    In the early 1960's, Jean-Claude met with the editor-in-chief of a prestigious French publication. The editor barely looked over his desk and with distain and contempt, dismissed the young man with the notion that the business was not about gallivanting with celebrities. He was advised to consider a different profession.

  • Tony Frank

    The photographer stars of sixties discovered photo, jazz and blues in 1959, during his school holidays. Photo and music become two passions.

    In 1961, the photographer was fan of rock : Fats Domino,Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Tommy Steele, Among Others.

    He Frequents Golf-Drouot (birthplace of Rock in France) , where he crosses in front of the juke -box : Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell, Chris Long and Dalton of which he photographed the first record cover.

    • Décember 2015 Solo exhibition Gallery Fine Art Rue de Rivoli, Paris 75001.
    • November 2015 Fotofever Art Fair, collective exhibition Artphotoby gallery.
    • 11 March-25 April 2015, Artclub Gallery Lyon, Place Bellecour.
    • November 2014 Solo exhibition gallery rue de Verneuil, Paris 75007.
    • 13 July/18 August 2013  "Photography Tony frank" exhibition, Le Villaré, Villers sur Mer, 14 640.
    • 28 February/21 April 2013 “Route 66″ exhibition, Buddha Bar, Paris 75008.
    • 8 November-30 November 2012 “About Rock” exhibition, Velvet Galerie, 11 rue Guénégaud, Paris 75006.
    • 17/24 August 2012 "Serge Gainsbourg" exhibition, Festival Piano Folies, Le Touquet.
    • 30 October 2010-15 February 2011 "Johnny Hallyday" exhibition, Brasserie La Lorraine, Paris 75016.
    • 18 /23 Octobre 2010, "Johnny Hallyday" exhibition, Espace Pierre Premier, Paris 75016. 
  • Michel Giniès

    Born in 1952, the photographer Michel Giniès integrated
    the agency Sipa Press in 1972, the famous internationalphotography agency. The Photographer of celebrity covers Parisian parties
    and follows the international stars coming in Paris. That was the "Dolce Vita" time in Paris.

  • Stéphane Gizard

    Stéphane Gizard is French photographer, living and working in Paris.
    Best known for portraits of young people created for his “Modern Lovers” series, photographer Stéphane Gizard’s gentle, kindly eye manages to capture the beauty and fragility of his subjects, which have included many celebrities and strangers. His work reveals their sensuality and brings out the expression of a truth; an intimate questioning. In parallel to working closely with the press and the advertising industry, Stéphane has spent ten years photographing a cross-section of 17-20 years old; from his perspective the defining and decisive phase of one's life sitting at the end of adolescence and at the beginning of adulthood. A period of self-reflection and fragility.

    In 2013, his first publication “Modern Lovers” received notable success. Following a period of flourishing sales at premier bookstores such as Strand in NYC, the monograph was reedited in 2015 by Bizarre Publishing NY. In 2014, Stéphane worked as the Artistic Director on the feature film “Bizarre”, written and directed by Etienne Faure and selected for the Berlin film festival the following year. This was succeeded by an exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la photographie in Paris in 2015. A new study on identity “LIKE ME”

  • Elodie Grégoire

    Photographer Elodie Gregoire has worked with the
    biggest international picture news agencies like Sipa Press, REA agency , Gamma agency.
    Today she is a freelance photographer . His work has earned a lot of covers magazines and
    newspapers like Paris-Match , Point , JDD .. The famous photography of the Eiffel Tower, immersed inthe clouds, is on sale world exclusive on Artphotoby. The Eiffel photography is published in 30 editions,
    only 13 copies available

  • Hormoz


    The photographer Hormoz, who fell in love with the cinema of horror with only 16 years, makes his weapons with short-films super 8 and painting. His interest in cinema of horror left its mark: His images are filled with a morbid and surrealistic eroticism.             
    After his university years studying literature, Hormoz tried his hand at photography at age 22 and got publications in the press and group shows in New York and Sarajevo. “Trouble of identity” was the first solo exhibition of the photographer in 1997 and his directing of his third short-film “Les lèvres bleues”/the blue lips was chosen for numerous film festivals.

  • Pascal Ito

    The photographer Pascal Ito worked together with the agency Sygma, after finishing his studies in photography at the American Centre in Paris 1986. At Sygma, he took portraits of artists for magazines. He also worked as a photographer on film sets on the side.
    Since 2003, he works as a freelance photographer and takes numerous portraits ordered by magazines, advertisement, television and the show posters. He also works on personal series.

  • Jean-Paul Lubliner

    Photographer, art creator and architect, the artist Jean-Paul Lubliner carried out a photographic, artistic project around the Eiffel Tower – 365 days before the year 2000. Every day, he returned to the Eiffel Tower and grasped the atmospheres and lights that were offered to him by the Iron Lady, light up by his countdown

    2014 : Fotofever Art Fair Galerie Artphotoby, Paris 1er.
    2005 : Eiffel Towel à Shangai, Pekin
  • Jean-Marie Marion

    The photographer Jean Marie Marion started his interest in dance by working with Carolyn Carlson and Maurice Béjart after his studies in fine arts. Interested in fashion, he became one of the topmodels of the 1980’s.

    Front face of the brand Biotherm, he appeared in 194 advertising films, under the direction of stage directors like Ridley Scott, Luc Besson, Claude Miller, Raymond Depardon, Joe Pytha …

    He went himself behind the camera to realise many reports of personalities for the press. He is the author of three books: “Aller simple pour la Pantagonie”/One way for Patagonia, “Portraits de femmes”/Portraits of women and “20 ans de photos sur Florent Pagny”/20 years of photographs of Florent Pagny

  • Richard Melloul

    The photographer of celebrities, notably Gérard Depardieu, lives in Paris.

    In 1964, Richard Melloul was laboratory assistant at the agency Dalmas and entered at the lab of the agency Gamma Presse Images, founded amongst others by Raymond Depardon and Jean Lattès in May 1968.

    In May 1973 the agency Gamma split and the photographers took their archives with them and founded a new agency: Sygma! Born was the golden age of photojournalism. Between 1974 and 2002, Richard Melloul was part of the staff at Sygma.

    Since then, the photographer creates his own society and became and independent photographer. He specialised in portraits of personalities and won the confidence of big stars like Marcello Mastroianni, Gérard Depardieu, Mikhail Barychnikov, Mohamed Ali, Vanessa Paradis, Charlotte Rampling, Michel Sardou or Mireille Darc.

    His work is regularly shown in different international contexts

  • Dani Olivier

    The photographer Dani Olivier born in Paris in 1969, graduated from HEC. He lives and works in Paris.

    Dani Olivier make photographies portraits crossed painting and photography. They glorify the beauty of women and have to objective to reveal them in their double dimension of body and soul.

    The models and sets are naked. Makeup is minimalist, leaving their place to locate pictures and so out of fashion, the world and time. By complex lighting games coupled with gestures and movements, he made special effects during shooting.

    True to now, the image follows a principle of authenticity and integrity: neither alterations or changes.

    The Body and Soul series is available in different concepts :

    • Programmes
    • Linéogrammes
    • Mouvogrammes
    • Créagramme
  • Kai Schäfer

    Kai Schäfer lives and works in Dusseldorf (Germany).

    At the age of 15, he bought his first camera: the beginning of a great passion.
    Kai Schäfer has been concentrating on his first big photo-art-project “worldrecords” since 2011. For this photo series, including about 70 pictures up to now, he takes pictures of the great albums of music history, as for example The Clash, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, in an oversized format on record players that have become legendary too. The result is a tribute to unforgettable analogues worlds of sound.


  • Marc Schilovitz

    Lives and works at Paris. Marc Schilovitz started to photograph in the middle of the 80’s. After a passage in the aeronautics sector, he took off to Brazil for a sabbatical.


    • 2014 Fotofever, Galerie Artphotoby, Paris
    • 2006 "Les Argentiques" Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris
    • 2001 "Esprit Jazz", Urban Sax, St Germain
    • 2000 "A long way", Ambassade d'Australie, Paris
    • 1995 "Drôle d'éte", Fondation Paul Ricard, Paris
    • 1989, 1990 La Closerie des Lilas, Paris
    • 1989 Libération / Actes Sud, Les Rencontres d'Arles
  • Stéphanie Slama

    After graduating from California State University with a degree in Fine Arts, Stephanie Slama studied with the New York School of Visual Arts and the Paris Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques / Penninghen graphic design and photography with Elle magazine art director Peter Knapp.

    Her style is often described as « very American » with strong use of color and texture, and unexpected surprises in a darker, edgier sepia. Her fine tuned eye as a graphic designer carries over to her photographic compositions, and humour can be found throughout.

    • Fotofever 2014 Paris Galerie Artphotoby
    • Tracey William’s Gallery, Paris
    • La Maison de la Radio, Paris
    • Urban Gallery, Paris
    • Galerie Art Present, Paris
    • Wilshire Grand Hotel et Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Jean-Michel Turpin

    Jean-Michel Turpin is fascinated by photography since he is 14 years old. To enter into the business, he made himself a fake press card and took his first steps as a photographer in Paris.


    • Témoins, La passerelle Paris 
    • 30 ans de l'Agence Gamma. Hôtel de ville de Paris 
    • Le Cirque: festival photo d'Angers et Festival d'Avignon 
    • Les Grands Prématurés Visa pour l'Image Perpignan 
    • Sans dessus dessous,  Maison des métallos à Paris 
    • La Marée Noire de l'Erika, la Seyne sur Mer 
    • Rendez vous en Terre Inconnue, MAP, Toulouse 
    • New York 11 septembre, Polka Galerie, Paris 
    • New York 11 septembre, Visa pour l'Image, Perpignan (écran géant) 
    • Le Travail révélé, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris 
    • Le Morbihan dans l’objectif, La Gacilly
  • Etienne Chognard

    Etienne Chognard, author photographer, offers a new and unique process art photography screen printing on Matrix support.

    He realizes workshops Alexandre Leu in Paris illuminator fabrics for high fashion.

    Work presented for the first time Fotofever Art Fair 2015 . This method of drawing on canvas reflects light differently depending on its orientation and makes the work in several tones. The artist prepares for 2016 a new series of portraits wet collodion.

    It's a photographic process in the middle of the nineteenth century.

    • 2015 Fotofever Art Fair Galerie Artphotoby, Paris 75001
    • 2015 Pop Store Artphotoby, Paris 75009
  • Claude Guillaumin

    Upon finishing his studies, Claude GUILLAUMIN moved to New York, and worked as a studio assistant.

    In New York, since 1970, his fashion and beauty work appeared in Glamour, Seventeen, New York Times Magazine, Esquire … Claude GUILLAUMIN photographs several advertising campaigns for diverse clients, including Revlon, Clairol, L’Oréal, Dior, Avon, Chanel, YSL, Clarins …

    In Europe, Claude GUILLAUMIN worked during many years for Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Madame Figaro, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Birgitte, Grazia …

    From now on shooting more and more Personal Work while traveling.

    • Paris Photo - 1992 - 1998 - 2000
    • Museum Galliera - Paris 1999
    • Museum of Modern Art - New York
    • Miami Art Fair 1993
    • Union des Photographes Créateurs - Paris 1997 - “ Le Bonheur”
    • International Photography Exhibition -RIP- Arles 1995
    • International Fashion Photography Festival - Barcelona 1993  Paris 199
  • Maurice Renoma

    Maurice Renoma is a French couturier, designer, scenographer and photographer, known for influencing fashion since the 60s to the present.

    Renoma fashion, daring, transgressive and lived as a form of art. He has seduced celebrities from around the world. Today his collections are presented in France (Paris), Japan, Singapore, Miami, Korea, China and Malaysia.

    During the beginning of the 90s, Maurice Renoma developed a new passion for another medium: the image. It is life itself, in its extraordinary normality, which beame the main subject of his photographs. His cameras accompany him on every one of his trips around the world.

    Maurice Renoma captures the energy of everything around him, humans and animals, their attitudes, their codes.
    He finds poetry everywhere: Tokyo's urban jungle or Normandy's countryside, he photographs the beauty of the moment in a real declaration of love of the present.

    Maurice Renoma's photographs have been exhibited in more than 100 galleries in Europe, the USA and Asia.

  • Kasra

    Kasra is a sleepwalker. Weather he roams the streets of Paris or walks down the littoral landscape, the photos he brings back from his sleepless wanderings seem to emerge his dreams. Kara sleeps, but with his eyes wide open. (...)

    Gérard Pussey 

    Writer and journalist

  • Baron Wolman

    Photographe américain introduit dès 1967 dans le monde du rock par le fondateur de Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner. Auteur des photos de Jimi Hendrix et autres légendes du rock des années 70. Baron Wolman couvre les concerts du Fillmore West à San Francisco et le légendaire Woodstock 1969, 300 000 personnes.

  • Basile Minatchy

    Born in 1973, Basile Minatchy spend his youth in Lyon. After his studies at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique, he played roles in different long films and television films.

    His work as a comedian let him on the path of Jean-Louis Bertuccelli, who taught him the job of a scriptwriter. Under Bertuccelli’s influence, he decided quickly to learn more about directing to create his own projects.

    During an internship with the Belgium director Harry Cleven, Basile buys himself a digital camera.

    Having a photo studio at his disposition, he decided to work with light, size and frame which led to the development of his unique look.

    • 2016 - 2017 collective exhibition galerie Artphotoby Sophie Leiser, Paris 7500
  • June Stolian

    June Stolian is a french artist and photographer.
    He makes portraits of free women in an imaginary world.
    To create this colorful and fantastical universe, he works in studio with his models and diverts objects from the daily life, vintage clothes and different materials. The result is a fusion between shapes and colors, a blend between reality and pixels.

  • Garth Bowden

    Garth Bowden grew up in London where he studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art. He has always been an artist like his great great grand-father Flemish painter Theo Van Rysselberghe and his great grand-father, French author André Gide. Garth has a multi-disciplinary practice between painting, photography, sculpture and design, all mediums he uses to share his personal reflections about the world.

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